Dan lives in Portugal with his family. He moved there, following a whim, in 2006, and never looked back. He's fluent in Portuguese and English.


HEAL Security Chief Technology Officer

Commsor Head of Engineering

Pitch Senior Engineer
2020 to 2022

Fy! Consumer Product Lead
2018 to 2020

Zalando SE Senior Engineer
2016 to 2018

AKQA Principal Web Developer
2015 to 2016

Delivery Hero Development Lead Frontend
2013 to 2015

Prior, I was a full stack and lead engineer on various projects, freelancing and otherwise. I worked with the Portuguese Armed Forces, Universidade Católica FEG, Betfair, Opera, amongst many others.

Prior prior to that, I worked at Leicester City Council Youth Offending Team, and have fond memories of the dedicated and hard working team, trying to improve outcomes for the young adults who came through their doors.

Anything before that, I can neither confirm nor deny.

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